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Oracle EBS On-Premise to Cloud Migration

Does your organization need to quickly and efficiently move Oracle E-Business Suite Application environments to the Oracle Cloud using the latest technology and leading practices? Rapidly realize the value of your investment with a lift and shift service designed to move your Oracle Application environments to the Oracle Cloud OR AWS Cloud. Infidox Technologies experts leverage proven processes, leading practices and extensive experience to confidently move your organization to the cloud with reduced risk and cost.

Benefits of Managed Services

Infidocs Managed Services means we take care of your entire Oracle Application, Database & Operating System requirement. We manage all your hardware and software sourcing, installation, technical development, support, and staffing needs. It also means Infidocs Technologies acts as your go-to consultancy and support team, providing scheduled maintenance and upgrading of your ERP systems, along with emergency assistance to keep your business up and running.

What is Oracle Cloud Database Service?

Oracle Database Cloud Service lets you easily build, scale, and secure Oracle databases in the cloud. You create databases on DB systems, which are either bare metal servers (with local NVMe flash or SSD storage) or virtual machines with block volumes, both of which provide high performance and cost-efficient pricing. The service also enables support for ‘cloud-first’ Oracle RAC implementation on virtual machine servers at the virtual cloud network layer.

You can manage your databases using simplified tools like patching, Data Guard or backup/recovery, all of which can be accessed using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure REST APIs or console. Alternatively, you can access your database host and use your existing tools to manage your databases in the cloud, the same way you manage them on-premises.

Oracle Cloud Application - Expenses

Self Service

    • Create and submit expense reports easily.

Policy Controls

    • Enforce expense management controls with approvals and audits.

Mobile Expenses

    • Enter expenses on the go.

Project and Travel Integration

  • Improve business processes with integration to Oracle Project Financials Cloud and Get There.


Oracle Cloud Application - Accounting Hub

Agile Accounting

    • Create accounting for disparate source systems and easily adapt rules as accounting policies change.


    • Centralize accounting rules for your subledgers to ensure accounting policies are consistently applied.

Analysis Across the Enterprise

    • Expand business insight by using supporting references to analyze results by multiple dimensions.

Audit and Reconciliation

  • Utilize real-time, multi-dimensional reporting with drill down to subledger details for quick access to supporting information.


Oracle Cloud Application - Ledger and Analytics

Multi-Dimensional Reporting Platform

    • Analyze account balances by any dimension in real time.

Self-Service Reporting

    • Monitor and address your top concerns with mobile capabilities.

Collaborative Close

    • Improve visibility with a collaborative close process.

Visualization Capabilities

  • Interact with account balances and view them from different perspectives.

Ledger and Analytics

Oracle Cloud Application - Payables and Assets

Invoices and Payments

    • Control supplier balances, invoices, and payments.

Integrated Imaging

    • Automate imaging with optical character recognition (OCR) and reduce errors.


    • Track and account fixed assets.

Cash Management

  • Manage bank accounts, cash positions, and cash forecasts.

Payables and Assets

Oracle Cloud Application - Revenue Management

Contract and Performance Obligations

    • Create contracts and performance obligations based on configurable rules.

Revenue Allocations

    • Automatically allocate revenue across performance obligations.


    • Recognize revenue for performance obligations at a point in time or over time.

Liabilities and Assets

  • Accrue liabilities and assets for performance obligations valued at expected consideration.

Revenue Management

Oracle Cloud Application - Receivables


    • Manage customer data centrally.

Customer Invoices and Payments

    • Create customer invoices and receive and apply customer payments.

Balance and Revenue Management

    • Manage customer balances and recognize revenue.

Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting to Cash

  • Manage the entire quote-to-order-to-cash process.


Oracle Cloud Application - Collections

Customer Ranking

    • Allow customers to be ranked uniquely with configurable scoring.


    • Increase efficiency by pushing work to collectors.

Payment Management

    • Improve cash flow with promise and payment capabilities.

Later-Stage Collections

  • Identify and track bankrupt customers.