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Empowering Decision-Making with Analytics in the HCM Cloud

It’s a widely accepted premise: Organizations that base decisions on data consistently outperform organizations that don’t. It certainly makes sense, but there are a few caveats. You can’t make good decisions from bad data, so you need the latest, most-accurate data available. You want a complete picture, so that data must be integrated. You also need the right tools—ideally, HR-savvy tools that work with data from multiple sources and can
provide the advanced and predictive analytics for facing the critical HR challenges of today…and tomorrow. 
Most important? The solution must be simple, and it must be available to the people making the decisions— the line managers and the HR leaders who have the responsibility of identifying, recruiting, and acquiring the
talent to take your business into the future.

Decisions based on data are more consistent and less risky for the business. The ability to make these kinds of decisions should be readily available
to decision-makers throughout the enterprise.

The data is out there, but unless you can accurately identify the moving parts and predict how it all works together (and where it won’t), then your
organization is already at a disadvantage.